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kohii (コーヒー、[ko̞ːçiː])


Video playback for Android made easy.

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Kohii is a powerful, extensible, yet easy to use and extensible Video playback library. Kohii provides useful features out of the box, including

  • Easy to start: just one line to start a Video playback.
  • Automatic playback experience on RecyclerView, NestedScrollView, ViewPager2, etc.
  • Configuration change handling works out of the box, including the switching from in-list player to fullscreen player and vice versa.
  • Feature-rich sample app that covers either simple or advance use cases.
  • Extensible, including default implementations that support ExoPlayer, AndroidX Media2, YouTube Player SDK.


Automatic playback Playback continuity (Seamless fullscreen)


Add to your module's build.gradle dependencies

// Update top level build.gradle
allprojects {
  repositories {
    jcenter() // mavenCentral() should also work.
// Add these to app level build.gradle (or to module that will use Kohii)
def kohiiVersion = ''
def exoPlayerVersion = '2.10.4'

implementation "im.ene.kohii:kohii-core:${kohiiVersion}"
implementation "im.ene.kohii:kohii-exoplayer:${kohiiVersion}"
implementation "${exoPlayerVersion}"

Start a playback

Assuming that you have a Fragment which contains a RecyclerView, and you want to play a Video using a PlayerView placed inside a ViewHolder of the RecyclerView, below is what you need to do using Kohii:

// Kotlin
// TODO: Have a videoUrl first.
// 1. Initialization in Fragment
val kohii = Kohii[this@Fragment]

// 2. In ViewHolder or Adapter: bind the video to the PlayerView.
// Java
// TODO: Have a videoUrl first.
// 1. Initialization in Fragment
Kohii kohii = Kohii.get(this);

// 2. In ViewHolder or Adapter: bind the video to the PlayerView.


Kohii works on Android 4.4+ (API level 19+) and on Java 8+. It is recommended to use Kohii using the Kotlin™ language.

The core library doesn't come with any actual playback logic. Actual implementation comes with extension libraries. The extensions require corresponding 3rd libraries: kohii-exoplayer will require exoplayer, kohii-androidx will require androidx.media2.