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Using MemoryMode

Using MemoryMode to improve UX

Your screen may contain many Videos at a time, and preload Videos forward so they can start as soon as possible is a legit requirement. In practice, preloading Videos consumes a lot of system resource like memory, network and power. To address this need in proper way, Kohii provides a special control flag called MemoryMode. The idea behinds MemoryMode is as below:

  • The idea is to allow Kohii to preload around Video of interest1. When the Video of interest is playing, at the same time Kohii will prepare the closet Videos around it: the first on top, the first below, the first to the left and/or the first to the right, and the second closet Videos, etc ...

  • To control the maxinum number of Videos to prepare, Kohiii needs client to explixitly define this (with a default behavior to be automatic).

MemoryMode is the information client uses to define this behavior. To use it, you need to update the code as below:

- kohii.register(this)
+ kohii.register(this, MemoryMode.BALANCED)

While allowing client to define this behavior, Kohii will strictly observe system memory status, and will override that behavior on demand to prevent your app from behaving unexpectedly.

  1. The Video that is selected to play