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kohii-core / kohii.v1.core / RendererProvider


interface RendererProvider :DefaultLifecycleObserver

A pool to cache the renderer for the Playback.


Name Summary
acquireRenderer open fun acquireRenderer(playback:Playback, media:Media):Any?
Returns a renderer for the playback that can be used to render the content of media, or null if no renderer is available.
clear open fun clear():Unit
Cleans up this pool.
onDestroy open fun onDestroy(owner:LifecycleOwner):Unit
releaseRenderer open fun releaseRenderer(playback:Playback, media:Media, renderer:Any?):Boolean
Releases the renderer back to the pool. Returns true if either the renderer is null (so nothing needed to be done), or the renderer is successfully released back to the pool.


Name Summary
RecycledRendererProvider abstract class RecycledRendererProvider :RendererProvider